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Timeline for Metcalfe (PN167) Town End Cottage

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Terraced Houses Backscene Elements (Scale Model Scenery BX003-N) Modular Terraced House Kit (Scale Model Scenery UW2002) Large Georgian Town House (Scale Model Scenery UW2003-N) Medium Town House (Scale Model Scenery UW2005-N) Terraced Houses Kit (Scale Model Scenery UW2007-N) Large Georgian Town House (Scale Model Scenery UW2011-N) Red Brick Terrace Houses (Metcalfe PN103) Stone Built Terrace Houses (Metcalfe PN104) Orchard Cottage (Severn Models N1) Farmhouse (Severn Models N10) Half Timbered House (Severn Models N2) Detached House with Portico (Severn Models N4) Bungalow (Severn Models N5) Semi Detached (Severn Models N7) Station House (Peco NB-14) Modern Type Bungalow (Peco NB-9)

Kits are shown on the timeline when year and origin are filled in.